About the Company

Kreeva is an online ethnic fashion brand renowned for its designer and traditional clothes reflecting the rich Indian Heritage. From curated affordable clothing to exclusive wears, indigenous to Indo-western collections, Kreeva aims to impact the style quotient of fashion-conscious audiences with its progressive ethnic statement wear collection.


SEO is vital for Kreeva to optimize its online presence for growth and revenue. However, in their initial year of traffic generation efforts, the website barely attracted enough clicks a month. Without potential leads to convert, the ROI took a record dip in January 2020. Hence, they wanted a trusted and experienced ECommerce SEO partner who could deliver results. Kreeva approached us for a strategic remedy to address their current issues pertaining to poor website visibility, low traffic, and revenue.


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Services Used

Business Impact: Following their partnership with Pyrite, Kreeva witnessed a massive improvement in its website traffic, revenue, and brand awareness. By leveraging our Ecommerce SEO and Content. 


Marketing Services: Kreeva accumulated a pipeline of prospective leads from organic search, suitable for conversions and driving higher returns on marketing spend.