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We are a leading enterprise digital and performance marketing agency focused on innovative, world-class solutions helping businesses achieve their online revenue and marketing goals.

250+ Global Brands Trust in Pyrite Technologies

We Create Industry Leaders; We’re the Trusted Partners in Digital Marketing

For over a decade, Pyrite Technologies has provided clients with expert support and tech-enabled solutions, scaling their business growth digitally. Our spectrum of online marketing services has been tested and proven repeatedly, with outcomes as spectacular as our strategies.

Our clients will agree – we are all about results. With a team of pathbreakers and winners, Pyrite has successfully conquered many challenging milestones. Together, we have benefited over 500 clients, relentlessly working to change the digital marketing game in their favor. We take pride in our extensive experience working across various industries and garnering nearly 100 million USD in revenue for our partners.

As we continue our stride, we keep elevating our skill sets and investing in new tools to provide our clients with the best digital marketing services in the market. 


We commit to delivering measurable results to our clients, employees, partners, and other stakeholders, scaling their growth in the competitive digital landscape.


We envision a business world primed with equal opportunities and meaningful connections for all.

Pyrite's DNA

Our DNA is based on six core tenets, guiding every decision we make while delivering world-class solutions to clients.

P – We are PASSIONATE about delivering results to customers.
Y – We YEARN for ambitious goals and YIELD results beyond expectations.
R – We offer REMARKABLE tailored strategies to REVOLUTIONIZE the status quo.
I – We INNOVATE and recreate solutions for 10x better outcomes.
T – We take pride in our TEAM of winners and game-changers.
E – We are committed to EXCELLENCE in client servicing.

We are Performance-Driven and Tech-Enabled Digital Marketing Experts

Pyrite Technologies, a self-funded startup that evolved into an established agency from Hyderabad, was the brainchild of Satish Kumar, founder, and CEO. Over ten years, the team has expanded into a full-fledged powerhouse of innovators and young achievers. They are the true torchbearers serving top-notch clients across industries with crafted solutions to drive 10X more growth.

Our Team

Pyrite Technologies is defined by its in-house team of game-changers and winners. More than delivering results with our white-hat services, we invest in our in-house team’s personal and professional development.

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About CEO

Satish Kumar (MCA)
CEO - Pyrite Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Our Core Values

We believe in a constant collaborative and all-inclusive relationship. We take pride in our state-of-the-art digital marketing strategies, helping our esteemed clientele to achieve,  10X More Traffic, 10X More Qualified Leads, 10X More Engagement and 10X More Profit. 

  • People first

    People first

    Our people define us. We support their individual growth, motivating them to deliver only their best.

  • Result-driven


    We strive hard to push our boundaries and constantly challenge ourselves to deliver optimum results.

  • Revenue-centric


    We are revenue-oriented, valuing the essence of delivering higher returns for clients and ourselves.

  • Unity in diversity

    Unity in diversity

    We believe in collaborative and unified diversity to bring the crème-de-la-crème ideas to the table.

  • Integrity begets trust

    Integrity begets trust

    We are honest, transparent, and forthright in our commitments and offerings.

  • Obsession over client needs

    Obsession over client needs

    We obsess over our clients' needs and uphold their best interest in our dealings.

We Keep the Focus on Our Clients, Obsessing Over Their Needs!

We have successfully helped over 500 big brands, and SMEs scale their business growth digitally. Take a sneak peek into their success stories and witness how they outsmart competitors constantly, with a little help from us.

Data Governance and Privacy

We protect our client’s data with advanced security and compliance regulations to safeguard such sensitive information. We advanced our basic security to Enterprise Grade Security with Microsoft 365 Business Premium, integrated into every device within our organization, to ensure complete data privacy and confidentiality.

Our data security features include: –

Data Privacy

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