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Reinforcing the brand message consistently and at every customer touchpoint is the primary objective of B2B content marketing. We build our strategy around curating engaging, premier-quality copies that objectify what your brand stands for in an identifiable voice and style, distributing them across all channels. This builds brand recognition among your targeted audience. 


Brand Visibility & Credibility

We deliver searchable and relevant content by retaining your target customers' search intent to address their needs and attract prospects from their networks.


Improve Search Engine Rankings

Our B2B content strategy includes creating, managing, and distributing high quality content pieces to attract backlinks from top publications and boost your SERPs.


Higher Engagement and Conversions

We create engaging, informative and helpful content via case studies, white papers, webinars, newsletters, and eBooks to build customer loyalty and convert more prospects.

Tailor Content for Target Personas

We tailor messages according to your prospects buying behavior, demographics, and search intents, facilitating their purchase decisions and enabling them to convert.


Expertise in Various Industries

We bring our decade's experience handling IT, BFSI, SaaS, Finance, Supply Chain and Banking sectors by converting customers through SEO and Content marketing.

Revolutionize Your B2B Growth with Dynamic Content Marketing Services

Our tailored content marketing services have benefited 100+ B2B clients by doubling site visitors and tripling conversions in just 6 months. We can do the same for you too! Leverage our result-oriented and market-proven content marketing services to pilot your business. 

Content Strategy

From audience identification and segmentation to content goals and outcomes, our team does the groundwork. This helps frame a strategic blueprint befitting your online marketing goals.

Keyword Research

Our extensive keyword research identifies the best keyword clusters (Hub & Spoke model) with around 95% cluster accuracy of identifying the right keywords searched by your target group.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

We evaluate your competitors' content-creation strategies to compare their share of voice with yours. This enables us to diagnose your website's content loopholes and revamp your SEO game.

Themes and Buckets

We identify industry-specific keywords, suitable themes and buckets for content creation to establish your site's authority and support your organization's B2B content marketing goals.

Content Calendar

Content Calendar

Our content calendar outlines when and how often to publish content. This ensures a consistent output, adjustable per the team's capacity and the audience's content consumption habits.

Content Development

From keyword identification to topics, content creation to iteration, our B2B content development service covers everything. This will expand the content reach and audience engagement.

Blogs & Power Pages

Our content strategy includes all, from creating power pages to regular blogs’ posting on targeted topics and keywords, allowing search engines to index pages for better site visibility.

Case Studies

Case Studies & Ebooks

As part of our content strategy, thought-leadership case studies and ebooks demonstrate how your services can solve user problems. This enables your audiences to trust your brand more!

Video Content

Video Content

Most tech buyers consider video content as the most helpful one. Strike the right chord in your prospects using our creative knowledge so they can take the next step in the sales funnel.

Content Optimization

We optimize your website content with keywords, meta and title tags to ensure visibility for every relevant search. Iteration repurposes fresh ideas to generate better content every time.

Content Distribution

Content Distribution

We promote content across various owned, earned, and paid channels. This strategy extends the reach of your website and opens numerous sources for generating targeted quality traffic.

Guest Posting & Digital PR

Our B2B content marketing is about consistent brand storytelling via guest posts and PR. This promotes the site content for extended reach, higher domain authority and quality traffic.

High Quality Links

High Quality Links

Improve your B2B website’s organic rankings by leveraging our link-building strategy to attract high-quality backlinks from trusted sources, executed through publishing effective content.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We are market experts in crafting personalized emails that extend your targeted messages to the right people. This will expand your content marketing efforts and earn you substantial ROI.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Scale sales and higher returns by leveraging our knowledge of web analytics to measure your site’s performance and form strategies befitting your industry and content marketing goals.

Creating value maps and systems

Value Maps and Systems

We frame our standardized content marketing blueprint on targeted personas and their purchase lifecycle stage. This allows your team to feed relevant information to end users consistently.

Speak With Our Content Experts To Overcome Business Obstacles.

Success Stories

Leverage the Authority and Knowledge in B2B Content Creation

Content is an articulated anecdote of your brand and its purpose. Our experienced SEO personnel and designers work closely to ensure the brand message reaches prospects when and where they want. With apt call-to-action phrases, site visitors are induced to complete their purchase journey through the sales funnel.

Leverage our decade of B2B content marketing knowledge and value-added services to stimulate your site’s conversion rates by 5X or more.


Dedicated Account Manager

We allocate a dedicated account manager for consistent support and guidance.


Decade Industry Experience

Our decade of expertise and industry knowledge powers sustainable business growth.

Reporting and Analytics

Proven Track Records

We provide the leverage of proven track records in effective content strategies.

Custom Content Strategies

We tailor content marketing strategies for brand visibility and credibility.

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Our free and extensive website audit will help identify gaps in the site content from an SEO perspective and compare it against your top-ranking competitors. Based on the analysis, we can deliver engaging copies and craft a winning B2B content distribution strategy to reach and connect with the audience quickly. Leverage our full suite of services to make your website rule SERPs for every user query.


Let’s look at how our services can make your company more attractive and profitable with customers.

Content marketing should be an essential element in your digital marketing strategy. Content helps build customer awareness, foster buyers’ trust in your brand, generate qualified leads, increase conversions, and more.

Creating targeted content for different segments requires a detailed understanding of each demography about their service expectations, sources of information, and platforms for content consumption. Our experienced content marketing team can help you identify and create targeted personas and curate content aligning with their respective needs and preferences.

As an experienced content marketing agency, we conduct thorough industry research and competitor analysis to narrow down high-searched and low-hanging fruit keywords. Based on this, we segment themes and buckets for relevant topics and generate content pieces accordingly.

From Ebooks and Case Studies to Blogs and Infographics, Videos and others, our in-house team is well-versed in the dynamics of numerous content distribution channels. Leverage our decade of knowledge and expertise to chase and fulfil your content marketing goals as quickly as possible.

Even though both fall under the content marketing umbrella, there are specific differences between these two terms. The former requires skills to generate creative paid ad copies and sponsored texts. The tone is more persuasive than organic content writing. Contrarily, content writing takes an informative approach while passing knowledge about a brand’s services for an organic view.

The only difference between B2B and B2C content marketing is the targeted audience. While the former concentrates on converting critical decision-makers of your immediate B2B prospects, the latter directly targets a single end user. Accordingly, the approach, strategy, and tonality of content marketing will vary.

The content marketing approach would change accordingly since B2B branding is about building a long-lasting, trusted partnership with your clients. Content is strategically used alongside other digital marketing schemes, carrying the brand voice and intent consistently to strengthen brand affinity. We provide expert support in extending your business audience through persistent online marketing and tailored processes, driving leads and sales for your B2B enterprise.

Buyer personas are fabricated based on market research about plausible users searching for services similar to yours. These worded representations frame your ideal customer that guides your product development, and marketing strategies focused primarily on driving qualified prospects to your business. From scavenging your primary contact database to uncovering trends about how they find and consume your content to capturing user data from your website’s lead forms and feedback from the sales team, we provide every possible support to identify their needs, segment them into groups, and direct marketing efforts accordingly.

Absolutely! B2B content marketing focuses on popular channels usually frequented by business heads and decision-makers. Apart from the channel-specific content format, our B2B content marketing team ensures the message communicated with them carries a consistent brand tone and intention, aligning with what your targeted audience is searching for on the Internet.

Successful and consistent branding yields powerful benefits like boosting your business’s credibility, building customer loyalty, fostering brand identity, and carving an edge over the competition. Partner with our decade-proven branding and content marketing experts to elevate your brand from its current position by using our strategic approach and all-inclusive branding roadmap. From identifying your unique value proposition to reinstating its differential qualities and extending the message to your users, we provide a complete service package.

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Leverage Our Dynamic B2B Content Marketing Process That Always Wins!

Pyrite Technologies is a digital powerhouse comprising SEO professionals, creative developers and designers, and skilled content creators garnering a decade of industry experience between them. We work relentlessly alongside your team to drive premier results for your B2B business and scale its growth in the digital world. Our full range of content marketing services has undergone extensive testing and verification, and the results have been as unique as our plans.

As a decade-proven B2B enterprise marketing agency, we ensure seamless collaboration between the client and our in-house content specialists when tailoring strategies for their business. We evaluate your ideal customer profiles (ICPs) to target specific segments and design content deliverables accordingly.

Check out our process blueprint on B2B content marketing:

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Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)

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