ROI-Driven Facebook Ads: Increase Awareness & Conversions for Higher Returns

Facebook advertising can get targeted audiences to actually notice your brand offerings and connect with your business. Our Facebook Marketing strategy leverages the Facebook Ads Manager to identify ad types that arrest more attention from users, driving more sales and profits for your business.


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Why Choose Facebook Advertisement over Traditional Marketing?

Today, Facebook is one of the premier social media platforms hosting 2.936 billion active monthly users. That presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses looking for: –

Posts on Facebook can reach 59.0% of social media users daily. Hence, the secret recipe for success with Facebook advertising is to make your brand stay visible and relevant on the platform. We at Pyrite can work alongside you as your trusted Facebook ads manager and help create relevant posts, run Facebook ad campaigns, and cater to every possible SMM activity on your behalf. 

Facebook Marketing Services

Maximize Your Ad Spend Returns with Our Revenue-Driven Facebook Ad Services

The potential reach of Facebook Ads is nearly 2.11 billion people, and the organic reach of Facebook posts stands at 5.2%. As your trusted Facebook Ads agency, we offer you an all-inclusive marketing mix of organic posts and Facebook ad services to build connections that matter, increase brand awareness, and get more clicks on ads for higher conversions and 10X more returns.

Facebook Ads for D2C Companies

Our tech-enabled Facebook ads services created a solid social presence for many eCommerce and D2C brands. Focusing on the revenue as our major objective, we ran campaigns year-round to build top, middle and bottom funnels. The continuous testing and modifying efforts culminated in higher average returns on ad spend with purchases directly attributed to social media.

Facebook Ads for B2C Companies

Facebook's smart features like campaign budget optimization, dynamic language, and creative optimization and target audience selection create high-converting campaigns for B2C companies. By leveraging our experience in lead generation campaigns, you can reach the maximum target audience to build a pipeline of buyers for your business.

Facebook Ads for B2B Companies

Supplement your sales and marketing efforts by leveraging the Facebook ad library to attract more eyes to your B2B brand. We have delivered the most successful high-budget and higher-performing campaigns for our B2B clients, garnering incredible responses from social media users and capturing quality leads that easily convert.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

By running data-driven Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns, we help your business to connect, engage and induce your targeted audience to take the desired call-to-action. By measuring important KPIs and daily monitoring, we maximize the campaign performance to deliver higher return on advertising spends (ROAS), with guaranteed lesser CPC and CPL.

Facebook Ads for Ecommerce Websites

Create frictionless shopping experiences using our Facebook ad types and targeted audiences based on demographics and their online activities. We identify the ideal campaign mix, ensuring your digital storefront receives 10X more visitors easily convertible into profitable sales.

Instagram Marketing Services

Targeted Demographics and Behavior of Facebook Ad Services

Facebook lead generation ads allow you to target large audiences with broader demographics or narrow them down to specific groups depending on your campaign goals. As your Facebook Ad Manager, we can help you identify your particular ad objective and guide you through adjusting your target audience. 

We have mastered the game of identifying and selecting the right Facebook audiences for your campaigns. We pick and choose the right audiences from Facebook defined audiences like following to choose the best for your campaigns.

Saved Audiences

We focus on the known information about their target audiences, like demographics, age, gender, location, interests, and behaviors. We create campaigns based on shared identifiers to target a broader audience.

Custom Audiences

We leverage existing customer lists and active Facebook page followers to customize the targeted audience for remarketing Facebook ad campaigns.

Lookalike Audiences

This group comprises users demonstrating similar interests, demographics, and behaviors as your Saved or Custom audiences.

We have Mastered Popular Facebook Ad Types that Offer Higher ROAS

We leveraged various types of Facebook Ads to help over 100+ businesses migrate from their brick-and-mortar stores to online eCommerce portals. Our media buying strategy contains proprietary sales funnels that connect you with your target accounts at a frequency of 10 times or more. Allow customers looking for your services to easily find you and take the desired action at a lesser cost per conversion.

Video Ads

Video Ads

Facebook video ads have an average engagement rate of 6.01%. We help you create spectacular ad videos with numbers in titles and catchy captions to boost viewing time by 12% or more.

Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads

These unique Facebook ad feature allows you to display more than one image or video in a single ad campaign with individual links. Carousel ads drive 72% higher CTR than single image ads at 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion with 20-30% fewer cost-per-clicks than domain ads.

Collection Ads

Collection Ads

The mobile-only newsfeed Facebook collection ads combine a video or image with a product catalog of up to 50 items and customized campaign content for each. Collection ads can boost your ad spend return by 5.3X or more with a 43% decrease in average cost-per-conversion.

Catalog Ads

Catlogs Ads

To drive eCommerce sales using Facebook ad campaigns, we set up a catalog in Facebook Commerce Manager on your behalf. Catalog ads promote your product or services. By combining this ad type with Carousel, you can demonstrate your entire product catalog of up to 10 items.

Lead Form Ads

Lead Form Ads

When your campaign aims to maximize users filling out your lead forms, opt for this Facebook ad type. We guide you through customizing each field content depending on the kind of data you would want to obtain from the targeted audience.

Image Ads

Image Ads

High-quality and engaging visuals deliver 18% more click-throughs than mere content. Narrate your business story with images that click the right button and entice your audiences to take the necessary call-to-action.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads

Capture the attention of your target audiences by dropping the manual work. We conduct extensive testing on your behalf to identify the appropriate creatives, concepts, elements, and ad placements to drive maximum engagement with your campaigns.

Facebook Offer

Facebook Offer Ads

Numbers promptly draw attention and drive conversions, especially when ads show exciting offers and discounts. A combination of exceptional creatives and lucrative discounts/offers goes a long way in driving traffic to your digital storefront or offline shops.

Message Ads

Message Ads

To add a personal touch to your Facebook ad campaigns, you can always select the message ad format. With the help of this ad type, you can directly interact with your audiences, learn more about them, respond to their queries, and close deals via Messenger.

Stories Ads

Stories Ads

Stories deliver the message fast, increase awareness and views, and boost traffic, eventually leading to conversions. These ad types are engaging and easily consumable.

Get Your Free Facebook Page Analysis Report!

We provide a free Facebook page analysis report to help you understand what you are missing compared to your competitors. Based on the outcomes, we optimize your Facebook presence to expand your user base and run carefully planned Facebook ads to connect and convert a high-intent audience before your competitors do.

Facebook Ad Services

Leverage Our 11+ Years of Trust, Experience, and Authority in Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram have emerged as the most reliable platforms for prospective buyers looking for products/services similar to yours. With their extensive user base, keeping them outside your online marketing mix is unwise. When your competitors are already leveraging Facebook and Instagram’s organic and paid services, you should follow suit to connect with your targeted audiences before your rivals find them.

As your trusted Facebook Ad agency, we take the hard work from your plate and optimize high-performing Facebook ad campaigns that drive results. We conduct in-depth research on your chosen audience, create organic posts for high engagement, create ROI-driven ad campaigns and run A/B testing on your behalf to boost returns on each ad spend. Over the years, we have helped many businesses improve their online presence with our all-inclusive suite of Facebook ad services. We can do the same for you too!

Creating Facebook Ads that Convert Visitors into Loyal Customers

For over ten years, we have created, run, and improved thousands of Facebook ad campaigns for multiple clients to build communities, loyal customers, and increase revenue within their budgets. Be a part of their success journey.

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