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We are a trusted Google Certified Partner helping businesses like yours reach prospects faster with laser-targeted campaigns and SEM marketing. Make every click count with our performance based PPC management services and convert quality leads into sales.


250+ Global Brands Trust in Pyrite Technologies

Reach a Defined Audience for Guaranteed Conversions with Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising is unarguably the best possible strategy helping your business to instantly connect with potential customers. The qualified leads are 10x easier to convert than organic traffic and generate revenue. As per reports, an organization investing $1 on every Google Ad earns an average of $2 in revenue. However, the catch is that 46% of total clicks are consumed by the top three advertising positions on search ranking pages.

Raise your hands if you are facing either of the following challenges: –

With our level of experience converting potential leads into business prospects for our clients, we at Pyrite Technologies ensure that your targeted audience reacts positively to every paid ad of your brand. As a result, every dollar spent on paid marketing will generate the highest ROIs beyond your expectations.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Maximize Your Brand Exposure and Awareness with Our Suite of PPC Services

Our result-oriented paid search services include pay-per-click advertising that boosts your ad placement and positions 10X higher on relevant search engine result pages. Paid search improves your business's digital presence and drives more traffic to your website. 

Paid Search

Our result-oriented paid search services include pay-per-click advertising that boosts your ad placement and positions 10X higher on relevant search engine result pages. Paid search improves your business's digital presence and drives more traffic to your website.

Google Ads

Our certified Google Ad services put your business in front and center of Google Network. We run goal-based campaigns, Performance Max, optimize landing and product pages to promote your services, and help your customers find you faster than organic searches.

Bing Ads

Our suite of Bing Ad services offers granular control and drives more traffic to your website for 33.5% cheaper CPC on average. You have the leverage to target multiple devices with your campaigns and gain better control over search partner targeting.

Amazon Ads

Our CPC and cost-per-mille ad solutions create brand awareness among Amazon visitors, driving more store visits and sales. We bid on high-search keywords to make your offerings appear on top of Amazon search results, connecting you with prospects that convert.

Native Ads

We run cohesive native paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Taboola and Outbrain to expand your brand awareness, credibility, and engagement. With seamless integration, extensive targeting, and strategic ad placements, you can convert more leads in the marketing funnel into buyers.

Remarketing Ads

Our remarketing PPC services curate compelling campaigns to re-target high-converting audiences who had earlier visited your website. With data-driven strategies, tailored offers, and bespoke messaging, our cost-effective remarketing ads can quickly re-engage existing buyers and convert them for higher returns.

Get Free PPC Analysis Report Within 2 Days Only!

Our free paid marketing analysis report, including essential KPIs, reflects your campaign performance against top-ranking competitor ads. By tracking and measuring critical metrics, we can identify the missed opportunities for improvement as per Google paid ad guidelines. Then, we help identify the strategic approach to boosting your campaign rankings on search results so your targeted customers can easily find you online.

High-Performing and Result-Driven Paid Advertising Types in a Nutshell

We evaluate the performance marketing requirements of our clients and formulate data-driven strategies on their behalf. By closely collaborating, our in-house Google certified PPC experts craft bespoke paid marketing solutions that best work for our clients to increase their sales funnel. Learn more about our assortment of top-notch PPC ad types that convert.


Performance Max

As a Google-Certified Partner in paid advertising, we can access different Google Ads types from a single campaign, Performance Max. Witness more conversions and higher returns on ad spending by optimizing campaign performance in real-time and across channels.

Search Ads

Search Ads

The most sought-after-paid advertising type, search ads of your products/services will appear only when your prospects are looking for similar brand offerings online. We recommend search ads to outreach high-quality leads in real-time directly.

Display Ads

Display Ads

With the help of the right messaging, images, and videos, our display ad services can promptly connect with your targeted audience and compel them to make swift purchase decisions. Display ads are proven paid advertising solutions that link with more than 90% of online users easily.

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads

Smart shopping campaigns are also a part of Performance Max, catering to a 12% conversion value increase on an average and higher ROAS. Leverage our expertise in Shopping Ads to promote your online inventories, boost traffic to your online or local store and find better qualified leads.

Video Ads

Video Ads

Our unrivaled video paid advertising services, including YouTube Ads, make your business story active and engaging for your audiences. We combine sight, sound, and motion in a single ad to stimulate targeted customers for 2X higher engagement and 3.5X higher conversion rates.

Discover Ads

Discover Ads

Get started with our Discover paid advertising to reach up to 3 billion customers with your services. Our curated campaigns deliver high visibility and inspire personalized experiences to interested customers ready to engage with your brand.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Feature on Google Maps to get high quality leads and jobs from local searches. As guaranteed by Google, your paid ads will appear when local customers search for your services. Win the trust of your new customers and grow your business with our paid ad services.

Getting the Best of Both Worlds through PPC and SEO

PPC Paid Marketing and Organic SEO are two unique components of digital marketing. But, the one that will best suit your business requirement is an in-depth study of your targeted demographics and their online activities. With our 11 years of experience in the same field, we craft a stellar online marketing strategy that optimizes the best of both sides to drive maximized returns on each dollar spent.

Search Engine Optimization

An integrated suite of SEO services works effectively to create brand awareness, build your business's online credibility, and boost organic traffic. However, as per research, SEO tactics take time before driving results, and in some instances, top-performing web pages take three to six months to rank among the top 10.

Pay Per Click Advertising

For businesses to strive for optimum results with an established timeline, a careful mix of both SEO and PPC services is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Combining both offers laser-visibility, driving 10X more targeted traffic, accelerating customers' buying journey, and scaling conversion rates at break-neck speed.

Google Paid ads

We bring 11+ Years of B2B and B2C Paid Advertising Experience

If SEO lays the foundation for your business’s online presence, paid advertising is the super-structure attracting more eyeballs. Leads generated from paid ads have a conversion rate of 3.75%. Leverage our decade of experience to feature your services among the top paid results with nearly 8% CTR on average.

Keeping PPC services out of your digital marketing rulebook would be the worst decision in the history of bad choices. Partner with us and transform the digital marketing game in your favor without feeling the heat or the pressure. Our 10+ years of knowledge and experience can guide you along the right path.

Our all-inclusive services from the in-house team of Google-certified experts include optimizing your landing pages to fabricate a mix of high-performing PPC ads to accelerate your business reach, conversions, and revenue.

With our trusted paid advertising solutions, you can do a lot more.

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