At Pyrite Technologies, we see our work as that of someone who helps others meet their dreams. We help organisations grow and reach out to as many people as possible. SEO and SMO are our tools of choice. We are on the lookout for some young, enthusiastic and hard working people with mastery in these tools that can help us in our mission of fulfilling dreams.

These are some of essential qualities of a Pyritian.

  1. Innovation: We want individuals who can think out of the box, who break the mould and excel in challenges.
  2. Ownership: Though we are hiring employees, we are not expecting employees. We want individuals to be ready to take up the charge. They should have the power to change, motivate and innovate.
  3. Inquisitiveness: We want people who are always hungry for knowledge. Who enjoy learning new things and brings in new ideas and thought processes.
  4. Competitiveness: Search engine is all about competition. If you think you are geared up to run in this race then we are happy to welcome you to the team.