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We are an SEO focused agency that dominates search engine ranking positions on Google and Bing to beat your competitors in real time. Grow your business 10X with our advanced SEO strategies and drive website traffic, authority and generate higher quality leads.


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The Philosophy Behind Effective Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the stolid keystone of an action-inducing digital marketing strategy. However, an intelligently crafted SEO strategy entails continuous analysis, consistent and timely execution, and a long-term commitment to propel your business to grow organically.

Our 11+ Years of B2B and B2C SEO Experience offers continual assurance and assistance to boost your website’s search engine ranking positions (SERPs) and garner measurable results. Our professional SEO services align with your business objectives and Google’s ever-changing algorithm to keep you ahead of the competitive curve.

Studies have shown that 79% of businesses considered generating quality leads their priority goal in 2021. Yet, many struggles with low page rankings on Google, high bounce rates, and poor website traffic. Raise your hand if you are confronted with similar bottlenecks.

We have cracked the code of organic success by eliminating apparent challenges and heightening the chances for quality leads for many businesses like yours. We can do the same for you.

Your success story begins right here, with Pyrite Technologies.

Command the Premier Position on SERPs with Our SEO Services

60% of marketers agree that SEO is the highest quality lead source. We analyze every variable and content asset in the SEO trajectory affecting website rankings on SERPs to boost your business position and induce more prospects to take call-to-action. We bring a comprehensive suite of the best SEO services to fuel quality organic traffic and create a pipeline of prospective customers for your business.

Enterprise SEO Services

Our performance-driven enterprise SEO services generate extensive search traffic to your website, ensuring high conversion rates, incremental revenue, and even higher returns on investment with detailed MIS dashboards.

B2B SEO Services

From marketing strategies to execution and results, our full suite of B2B SEO services and link-building campaigns have helped many B2B companies like yours improve their digital footprints in your Industry. Our end-to-end SEO services are data-driven, goal-oriented, sales and revenue-focused, generating demand for progressive brands for a decade.

B2C SEO Services

Our B2C SEO services are the key differentiator focused on improving organic traffic and rankings of your B2C website pages on popular search engines. We offer an extensive suite of SEO services that fit your needs of boosting awareness for company services, generating qualified leads, closing more sales, and increasing your overall revenue and profit.

Ecommerce SEO Services

We bring a decade of experience in D2C digital marketing, helping 50+ eCommerce companies drive more than $100 million in sales. Our integrated SEO services and solutions are ROI-focused, generating high-quality leads to boost sales and revenue. Partner with us to fully leverage our elite eCommerce SEO services and growth marketing strategies to optimize your site and scale your business growth online.

Local SEO Services

Gain a strong presence for your business in regional and local search results with our local SEO services and proven methodologies. We have aced local SEO strategies like Google Business listings, review management, local ranking, and geo-targeting to increase your website visibility on Google Maps and Search Engines.

SEO Content Writing

Content is the essence of digital marketing. Our SEO content writing services focus on asserting your website authority, building trust with your audience, ranking your website higher for relevant keywords, and boosting organic traffic. We offer a horde of SEO content services, including existing SEO blogs, website content, landing pages, squeeze pages, category pages and power pages.

Technical SEO Services

We run a comprehensive SEO audit of your website and measure vital checkpoints to identify and fix technical issues. The primary objective of our Technical SEO services is to optimize your website's performance and usability by arresting those technical bottlenecks and enabling search engines to crawl, index, and render your web content.

Performance SEO

We enhance your website’s performance by fixing CRO errors, troublesome loading speeds, core web vitals and user experience to improve the overall CTR, bounce rate and time spent on the website. (This service will be integrated only with our advanced SEO packages)

International SEO

Our International SEO services optimize your website using Hreflang tags to give search engines clear signals about which web pages are meant for users in which language. This allows search engines to identify countries you want to target and languages you use for business to boost your website ranking.

Website Migration

Besides offering a comprehensive suite of SEO services, we help with a seamless website migration for your business by revising website links and merging or redirecting one domain to another without losing traffic and search results.

SaaS Companies SEO

We combine SEO and content marketing pipelines to curate strategies specific to each sale funnel phase, TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU. Our strategies for SaaS websites include product-specific keyword optimization, power content creation, thought leadership, content marketing, content distribution with advanced link building and promotional strategies. All these efforts culminate in website optimization to improve traffic, sales, brand awareness, reach, and user engagement.

Get Free SEO Analysis Report!

Our free SEO analysis report will demonstrate where your website stands against your top-ranking competitors. It will identify the missed opportunities for optimization according to search engine optimization guidelines. Based on those outcomes, we formulate a comprehensive strategy and leverage our full suite of SEO services to make your website stand tall against the same competitors and others in the market.

Leverage the 11+ Years of Trust, Knowledge, Experience, and Authority in SEO

Let’s cut to the chase – all those flashy designs and extravagant vocabulary will not capture any eyeball for your company website. Search Engine Optimization is the de facto element that matters to Google; hence, it should matter to your business. When done right, your website can witness 14.6% more conversions from organic traffic.

Our all-inclusive SEO services and support from the in-house team of SEO experts optimize your website and uplift its ranking for all the most-searched keywords relevant to your business.

We bring 11+ years of knowledge, expertise, and experience serving clients with our professional SEO Services. With our comprehensive SEO tactics, industry-leading skills, and innovative strategies, your website can outreach targeted customers organically and witness 10X more conversions. We have helped many organizations like yours scale their business growth in the competitive digital market. We can do the same for you!

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