NYC STEM Club Website Development

NYC Stem Club was founded in 2015 by a NYC parent in Battery Park City. It was bounded by a uniform mission of revolutionising education through academic excellence and holistic child development. The core curriculum extends beyond textbooks and classroom education to foster executive functioning skills, healthy work habits, and resilience among students. The aim was to build a village of lifelong learners and advocates for positive change. 

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Pyrite Technologies collaborated with NYC STEM Club to revamp their online presence, aiming to modernize the website to meet contemporary standards. The focus was on upgrading SEO, streamlining content presentation, and simplifying site administration. Objectives encompassed refining search rankings, easing management, and boosting overall website health.


NYC STEM Club’s former website grappled with multiple issues, from outdated design and obsolete colors to fonts out of sync with modern standards. Inadequate content presentation and logo design led to a branding gap, while insufficient SEO reduced visibility. Technical glitches like navigation troubles, slow loading, and server problems exacerbated the challenges.

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Our Approach

The partnership of NYC STEM Club with Pyrite Technologies resulted in a website that mirrors contemporary design, functionality, and brand communication. Enhanced SEO boosts visibility while resolving technical glitches ensures a smooth visitor experience. Our approach was to simplify website management, improve search engine rankings and elevate overall website performance.

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Project Execution

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