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eCommerce SEO is the process of strategising and implementing practices to improve overall visibility in search engines, both for your products, and the overall website. Online shopping platforms can only run by virtue of customers, and eCommerce SEO is the way to get those customers onto your website. Even if your website offers unparalleled customer service and unbeatable prices, without online visibility your competition will still do more business.

Pyrite Technologies offers customized industry specific eCommerce SEO Services that target the demographics you want to, and push for maximum visibility in the online world. Whether you’re selling books or luxury watches, we understand that every market requires a different strategy, and so we build a plan from the ground up to cater to your requirements. So how do we do it?

On-Page Optimization

  • Website Design and Structure Optimization – For maximum visibility, it is extremely important to make sure that the website design and structure is completely optimized. And by optimized, we don’t just mean search engine friendly, but customer friendly as well. An easily navigable and understandable website goes a long way in customer satisfaction.
  • Product and Page Optimization – The overall website, including every product and page, is optimized according to the keywords and industry we’re targeting, mutually decided from our prior research.
  • Platform Optimization – The hallmark of a great eCommerce website is ease of use and accessibility. We make sure that your eCommerce website is not only accessible and optimized for mobile platforms, but also ensure that no matter what your base platform, maximum efficiency and visibility is achieved.

Off-Page Optimization

  • Social Media Optimization – The key to building long lasting relationships with your customers is engaging them meaningfully through constant interaction. There’s nothing better than using social media to build trust and interact with customers, and thus, spread your brand.
  • Content Marketing – Apart from selling products, we believe that you have to give your customers additional value by becoming a trusted resource on relevant topics. Not only does this build even more trust apart from constant social interaction, it also gives the impression that you care about your customers enough to share knowledge.
  • Link Building and Authority – Getting high up on the rankings is one thing, staying there is another. We help you build an online presence that stands the test of time, and become a brand that commands respect in the online world. Proper link building and our secret strategies help you become an authority in your industry.
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